About Us

Boston Common Asset Management is an experienced investment manager and a leader in global impact initiatives dedicated to the pursuit of financial return and social change. Geeta Aiyer founded Boston Common in 2003 with colleagues who have worked together since the mid-1990s. Key members of the Investment team have worked with Boston Common for more than a decade.

We serve endowments, foundations, mission-driven organizations, religious groups, family groups, and pension funds across the United States. Our clients share a common conviction in sustainable enterprise and a commitment to ethical standards that carry from their missions to their investments. Boston Common is women-led and majority employee-owned. Our headquarters are in Boston and we have an office in San Francisco.

Our Name

Beginning in 1634, the Boston Common served as a common pasture for cattle grazing—a space owned by no one but essential to all. Like the Common of old, our work stands at the intersection of the economic and social lives of the community. Our commitment to our clients and the universal commons is our team’s shared mission and vision.

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