Fundamental Judgment
Seeing the whole picture is fundamental to valuing a company. Our team of experienced analysts takes a holistic approach to trying to understand every aspect of a company’s business. We combine rigorous financial and ESG research with in-person company, country, and region visits to analyze risks and opportunities, see beyond the near term, and form what we believe is a complete investment perspective.
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Active, Engaged Ownership
We are active managers and actively engaged with the companies we own. We balance deep knowledge of ESG issues with tenacity as advocates for change. We go beyond transparency and reporting and ask companies to improve the policies and practices that we believe will improve their fundamentals. Over time, our work has carved a path and developed models for effective engagement with companies.
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Global Focus
We understand investment opportunities in a global context over a long horizon. Founding members of our team pioneered the expansion of sustainable and responsible investing into the global space for U.S. investors. We work to deliver long-term, sustainable growth within the global commons by seeking competitive returns and positive impact for our clients and our world.
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